feel great and live life
true health helps you feel great so you can LIVE your life

pain free
true health helps you get out of pain and avoid surgery

comfortable pregnancy
true health helps moms feel great throughout their pregnancy

increased energy
true health helps you increase your energy naturally

raising healthy kids
true health helps your kids grow up strong and healthy without medications

TRUE HEALTH is a state of the art health and wellness center, providing simple solutions for health using Chiropractic, Nutrition and Fitness, in a warm friendly environment where all are welcome.

We help people with neck pain, back pain / sciatica, shoulder pain, TMJ disorder, pregnancy care and posture correction.

Here is how we help people with migraines:

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“They’ve helped with Arthritis in my knee and hands; a pinched nerve in my neck and a jaw adjustment to alleviate pain due to TMJD.  I have more energy, my blood pressure is lower, I’ve lost weight and best of all NO MORE CONSTANT PAIN!!!”



“My health has improved tremendously! I have not had any headaches, soreness, or stress-related tension in my shoulders, no stomach or hip pain, and the numbness in my fingers has decreased by about 90%!”


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“Great staff! Always nice, friendly and very helpful. Amazing Results!” N.R.

“We have nothing but good things to say about them. We love the work they do in our community!” O.E.


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Dr. Rob Vasquez Wants To Buy You and a Guest Dinner

Meet the Team

Dr. Rob Vasquez

Dr. Vasquez is one of the leading chiropractors in North Texas and has the largest Chiropractic Wellness Center in Dallas Fort Worth.   Along with teaching seminars and workshops in the community, Dr. Vasquez travels across the country instructing other Chiropractors and students how to help people live to their full health potential.

Dr. Vasquez is a past winner of the business of the year for the Hurst, Euless, Bedford Chamber of Commerce, has been mentor of the year for GCISD and is on the board for the DFW Airport YMCA.   He has been a regular guest on Good Morning Texas and is one of the founders of the Body By God Radio show on 100.7 in North Texas.

Dr. Hannah Winn

Dr. Hannah Winn has a degree in biomedical sciences and business administration from Texas A&M and graduated from Parker University with a focus in pediatric chiropractic and prenatal chiropractic.

Dr. Winn has a passion for family wellness and helping handicapped children overcome obstacles.  She believes in helping to raise healthy children to avoid fixing broken adults.  Dr. Winn is an adjunct professor at Parker University and an associate clinical director, chiropractor and health & wellness expert at TRUE HEALTH Wellness Center with the team in Bedford, TX.

“They have restored my hope in sustaining a pain free life one day.” L.M.

“I couldn’t move my head to look up and now I can!” S.S.